Vinyl Fencing
Custom Vinyl fencing made to fit your job, without the custom cost.
Vinyl Fence Color Options
We offer four colors of vinyl:
White, Tan, Clay and Mocha Walnut.

H S Fence Company takes pride in furnishing quality materials at a competative price.  There are many vinyl fence suppliers, local and online.  The main thing to look for when choosing a vinyl fence product is WALL THICKNESS of posts, rails and pickets.  Here are the specifications of materials used by H S Fence.  You can use them when comparing quality versus price of other suppliers.

Vinyl Fence Quality

Rails:              Wall Thickness
2"x3.5"           .120
1.5"x5.5"        .095

7/8"x3"           .070
1" x 6"            .055
1" x 6" TG      .055

Posts:            Wall Thickness
4"x4"              .165
5"x5"              .150



     2" x 3.5"        1.5" x 5.5"

         5"                         4"


    1" x 3"      1" x 6"        1" x 6" TG

H S Fence Company also uses aluminum inserts to strengthen posts and rails that need more support. These inserts slide inside of posts and rails to provide more structural stability when needed. 

All gate hinge posts use an aluminum insert. 
Bottom rails of all panels that are 8' long will have an aluminum insert as well.